Water Testing Laboratory Services

test tubes and beakers filled with different colored waters

Our Laboratory is New York State Certified for Bacteriological Drinking Water Testing. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and quality assurance.  Our lab works with both county and state health departments on a daily basis.  Our lab analysts can help interpret test results. We help bridge the gap between our customers and the over seeing health department.

We offer the following NYSDOH Part 5 Drinking water analyses:

  • Bacteria (Total Coliform and E-coil)
  • Table 8B (Inorganic Chemicals)
  • Table 8C (Nitrate & Nitrite)
  • Table 8D (Inorganic Chemicals & Physical Characteristics)
  • Table 9A ( Disinfection Byproducts)
  • Table 9B ( POC’s, Vinyl Chloride, MTBE, UOC’s, Propylene Glycol)
  • Table 9C (Pesticides, Dioxin, PCB’s)

We also offer:

  • FHA & HUD Short and Long Form Mortgage Testing
  • General Home Owner Testing
  • Fuel Oil Contamination Testing
  • Personalized Water Testing Depending on Your Specific Needs

Please contact our office for more information on the personalized or any of our other water testing services.